Company Registration

Muhammad Fareez Shah


Managing Partner

Muhammad Fareez Shah is a distinguished professional in the legal and corporate sector, holding the esteemed position of Managing Partner at Fareez Shah and Partners in Shah Alam. With a strong educational background and extensive experience, he is recognized for his expertise and contributions to the field. Some key details about Fareez Shah are as follows:


Fareez Shah has achieved significant academic accomplishments, holding the following qualifications

  • LLB (Bachelor of Laws): Fareez Shah has successfully completed his LLB degree, which equips him with a comprehensive understanding of legal principles and practices.
  • MCL (Master of Commercial Law): He has pursued a Master’s degree in Commercial Law (MCL), further enhancing his knowledge and expertise in commercial and corporate matters.

Professional Memberships

Fareez Shah’s professional memberships and registrations reflect his commitment to practicing law and corporate governance at the highest standards:

  • Practicing Bar Council Member: As a practicing member of the Bar Council, Fareez Shah is well-versed in legal matters and upholds professional standards in his practice. This membership ensures that he stays updated with legal developments and regulations.
  • Registered Company Secretary under The Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM): Fareez Shah is also a registered company secretary under the SSM. This registration validates his ability to fulfill the role of a company secretary and ensures compliance with relevant corporate regulations.


As the Managing Partner at Fareez Shah and Partners, Fareez Shah leads a team of professionals and oversees the operations of the firm. With his strong educational background, diverse expertise, and professional memberships, he is well-equipped to provide comprehensive legal and corporate governance services to his clients. Fareez Shah’s commitment to excellence and continuous professional development makes him a trusted and sought-after professional in his field.

The following are some of the cases and transaction that was conducted by Fareez Shah:


– **** ****** – initiating cross border debt recovery for unpaid services in the

sum of HKD19,611,524 (RM11,035,198.54);

– T*** ***** *** – initiating. cross border debt recover for unpaid export goods

in the sum of EUR489,874.21 (RM2,376,468.30);

– M** ***** Sdn Bhd – initiating debt recovery of for investment debt for the sum of RM2,250,000;

– M** *****  Sdn Bhd – initiating debt recovery for unpaid good for the sum of RM670,000;

– M** *****  Sdn Bhd – retainer for regular letter of demand for recovery of accounts receivables;

– F** ***** Sdn Bhd – recovery of Peer-to-Peer lending investment note in the

sum of RM1,260,000;

– F** ***** Sdn Bhd – retainer for regular letter of demand for recovery of

unpaid investment note;

– T* ****** Sdn Bhd – initiating debt recovery for judgment debt for RM250,000;

– A*** C******* Sdn Bhd – defending against RM5,800,000 construction claim;

– A*** C******* Sdn Bhd – defending against RM550,000 construction claim;

– P** ***** Sdn Bhd – defending against RM1,225,000 construction claim;

– P** ***** Sdn Bhd – initiating recovery of RM1,500,000 construction claim;

– P** ***** Sdn Bhd – defending against RM680,000 construction claim;

– ******** Trading Sdn Bhd – initiating debt recovery for unpaid goods in the

sum of RM68,000;

– **** Event & Catering – initiating debt recovery for sale of business assets in the

sum of RM300,000;

– *** ******* Sdn Bhd – retainer for regular letter of demand for recovery of

accounts receivables;

– ****** Malaysia Sdn Bhd – initiating debt recover for unpaid goods for the sum of RM25,000