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Type of Company Director in Malaysia

What is a director? Directors are individuals appointed by the shareholders of the company to manage the affairs and business of the company. They are basically agents of the company- put in place to promote the success of the company for the benefit of the members of the company as a whole. Who can /[…]

company directors in Malaysia

Company Directors in Malaysia: The Do’s and Don’ts

Looking for Company Secretary in Shah Alam:   Congratulations! You have just been appointed as a director of a company. With great power comes great responsibility. Now that you are one, ever wonder what can you do and what you can’t? Let’s have a look on a brief list of do’s and don’ts for company[…]

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Know Your Rights as a Shareholder of a Company in Malaysia

Need advice regarding shareholder in Malaysia? Use the following button: What is a Shareholder in Malaysia? A shareholder is a person or legal entity (including a private limited company) that legally owns one or more shares in a public or private company. Shareholders may also be referred to as members of a company. Simply put, the shareholder is the owner of the company. Although a director and shareholder may[…]