sole proprietorship or partnership

Register Your Sole Proprietorship or Partnership Business in Malaysia

WARNING: Conducting business without registration is an offense that is punishable with a fine not exceeding RM50,000.00 or imprisonment not exceeding 2 years or both. So you decided to register a sole proprietorship or partnership as your business entity. Here is how you go about getting it registered: How to Register for Sole Proprietorship or[…]

company secretary

101 Tips on How to Choose Company Secretary for Private Limited Company

Before we go further, we recommend you to read our previous article on How to Start a Company in Malaysia. In Malaysia, for the longest time, it is a standard practice to engage Certified Company Secretary to incorporate a Private Limited Company (Sdn. Bhd.) on your behalf. However, with the coming into force of the[…]

company secretary

Get to Know Your Company Secretary

We have assisted over┬ánumerous┬áto start a business in Malaysia. Click the link below to: Once upon a time, company secretaries were merely seen as company administrators1. The profession of company secretaries has come a long way since then. Today, the role of company secretaries have expanded in the leaps and bounds to include corporate governance,[…]

start a company in malaysia

How to Start a Company in Malaysia ?

How to Incorporate/ Start a Company in Malaysia (SDN BHD Company)? First of all, pursuant to the New Companies Act 2016 (came into force w.e.f 31 January 2017), the process for Company Registration Malaysia (i.e. Sdn Bhd Company) can be done online: at RM1,060.00 using only one (1) person name (long gone are the days where you need two(2) people to set[…]

Companies Act 2016

The Brief Lesson on Section 241 of the Companies Act 2016

Section 241 of the Companies Act 2016 (CA) came into force on the 15 March 2019. What it entails is this: Any person who is already a company secretary or any person who is qualified to act as a secretary must now register with the Registrar of the Companies before he can act as a[…]